Computational Thinking

In science classes, for years, you have learned about the scientific method. The exact steps that make up the scientific method depend on who you ask, but, generally speaking, it is a repeating process of observing, questioning, hypothesizing, predicting, experimenting, and evaluating.

However, the scientific method only applies to the natural sciences, like physics, chemistry, and biology. In computer science, we must learn to think computationally.

While that may sound self-explanatory, computational thinking is probably not something we’re very familiar with. I mean, we use it in our daily lives all the time — or, at least, we hopefully use it — but we’ve probably never studied it specifically. It is typically broken down into the processes of decomposition, generalization, abstractionalgorithm design and evaluation.

This unit is divided into the following sections:

Key Terms

In this section, we learned about the following key terms:

  • computational thinking

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